高二国際コース ~ミニ模擬国連を終えて~



On Saturday, September 8 the 高二F students opened their Mini- MUN Conference. The theme was: Renewable Energy in Developing Nations. The session began with one-minute country position where all delegates spoke to share their country’s thoughts and concerns on the theme. Next the delegates proposed topics for debate and discussion such as the pros and cons of solar energy or the costs of wind energy. Participation was active and all delegates worked hard to express themselves. After a short working lunch, the afternoon session included the 高一F students as the press corps and observers from other grades and parents. The afternoon session opened with a keynote speech from Mr. Fukuhara, our principal and ended with a final vote on a proposed resolution. The Chairs awarded four prizes: Best Delegate, Outstanding Delegate, Honorable Delegate, and Best Position Paper. The students felt very successful after their accomplishment.

今年のテーマは”Renewable Energy in Developing Nations”(発展途上国における再生可能エネルギー)でした。セッションは各国の代表が1分間でその国の立場を述べることから始まり、そこで全ての代表者はテーマについての自分の国の考えや懸念を発表し、他の国の代表者と共有します。その後、太陽光発電の是非や風力発電のコストなどのディベートやディスカッションのテーマが提示されました。生徒たちは積極的に議論に参加し、自分たちの考えを熱心に表明しました。昼食後のセッションは高一Fの生徒が記者として参加し、また他学年の希望する生徒達も見学しました。午後は福原校長先生の基調スピーチから始まり、そして終わりには決議案への投票により終了しました。


最後には議長から4つの表彰(Best Delegate, Outstanding Delegate, Honorable Delegate, and Best Position Paper )があり、生徒達は達成感を感じていました。



以下は参加した生徒と、お手伝いをしてくれた姉妹校(Dana Hall School)の卒業生2名の感想です。

~高二F H.I.さん~




~高2F I.O.さん~

MUN was my traumatic experience for me; when I participated MUN conference last October, which was just one month after starting the exchange program in the U.S. I literally did not understand anything that was happening there, and it was the longest four hours of my life. However, I thought it might be worth challenging again, considering my continuous effort during the exchange program, to improve my communication skills in English. One week before the MUN, I realized that there was no way to escape and I finally decided not to embarrass myself as last October in the U.S. I decided to aggressively challenge MUN conference at TJK. I kept moving forward by researching for hours and hours after school, and ended up with having so many print outs that I was still printing out until the last moment on the day of MUN. As a result of my challenges, I was surprised to find myself aggressively putting up y country’s placard, speaking up, listening to other delegates’ motions, taking notes, and being named “Honorable Delegate.” It feels wonderfully good when you’ve overcome a traumatic experience and become confident from it. From this MUN experience, I’ve learned that challenges lead your efforts to improve your weaknesses, and doing your best moving forward doesn’t betray you even though it might be stressful. I’m now excited to participate in a MUN conference again.


~高2F Y.K.さん~

I appreciate having the opportunity to experience Mini Model United Nations at school. This was my first time to have a formal debate. My position as delegate required me to be well-prepared, active, listen carefully, and respect others. As everyone had their own points of view, many different ideas were produced and the energy from each group’s participation made me feel more energetic about being involved in the discussion. Even though I wasn’t familiar with speaking and hearing the formal language, I found participating in the conference enjoyable. Eventually, I learned skills for what I was required to do. Thus, this opportunity became so special and meaningful for me.


<Dana Hall 卒業生>


I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to return to TJK. Last year I was so impressed by the determination, spirit, and eloquence of the students, and this year was no different!

When Sofia and I arrived, we immediately saw how much time and effort the eleventh graders had committed to preparing for the Model UN simulation; they asked us questions that reflected their solid understanding of both the challenges surrounding renewable energy, and their country’s stance on the issues. As Sofia and I emphasized during our time with the students, one of the challenges of Model UN is learning how to advance creative solutions within a strict, and at times confusing, procedural framework. The rock star eleventh graders quickly integrated the verbose procedural language into their statements and became pros at the complicated debate structure! They were able to write, debate, and vote on two resolutions. Sofia and I are so proud of all that they have accomplished.

Aside from Model UN, I had a great time practicing debate skills with tenth graders, discussing my experience at Dana Hall with ninth graders, and touring around Tokyo with my amazing host family! I was also thrilled to have the opportunity to talk about global initiatives to control and eliminate nuclear weapons with the twelfth graders. I got to know the twelfth graders during last year’s Model UN simulation, so it was really fun to reunite with them.

Thank you again to the students and teachers who were so gracious and welcoming. Sofia and I truly appreciate all that you did to provide us with a rewarding, memorable, and fun week in Tokyo!



I had the opportunity to travel to Tokyo, Japan for the first time in order to help TJK in organizing their second Mini MUN. Although I have done Model UN for over 6 years, I must say that this experience was one of the best ones I have had. I was not sure what to expect, but my ten days in Japan were met with amazing hospitality from TJK teachers, students and my host family. Furthermore, I was incredibly amazed by the TJK grade 11 student’s preparation in both English and Model UN. Their public speaking skills and Model UN abilities are beyond compare. I am super thankful to have been given the opportunity to help with TJK’s Model UN, and hope to be able to return next year.


体育大会が行われました ~祝130周年~








小雨が降り、少し寒々とした天気の中、9月26日に体育大会が行われました。雨天の為、プログラムを変更し「高三 カドリール・プロムナード」から始まりました。演技中は雨が強まるときもありましたが、プロムナードで、高三の生徒達が決めた「明澄」の人文字を描いた瞬間に、雨が止みました。そしてその後は、他の競技も行うことができました。どの競技も白熱した戦いで、高校学年対抗の競技ではどの学年が勝つのか最後まで分からないくらいでした。また、運営についても係生徒一人一人が仕事を全うし、円滑に進行することができました。




~高三 カドリール

プロムナード 〈校章〉          〈「明澄」の人文字〉


~高二ダンス ファウスト~          ~高一ダンス みかぐら~


~中3ダンス~                ~中2ダンス~



















国際学級中3 タスマニア研修報告



交流校であるファーン校では、現地の生徒たちと一緒に授業を受けたり、日本についてのプレゼンテーションやゲームをしたりと交流を深めました。実際に英語を使ってコミュニケーションをとったり、タスマニアの文化につ  いて学んだりと充実した10日間を過ごすことができました。





クラブ 夏の活動報告⑦~オーケストラ部~














今回のお花は「基本傾真型盛花 [逆勝手] 」という花型で生けました。




高校国際コース ~Preparing for Mini-Model UN~


アメリカにある姉妹校Dana Hall Schoolの卒業生であるメアリーとソフィアが本校を訪問しています。2人は現在アメリカの大学生ですが、この1週間、高1と高2の国際学級の授業のサポートをしてくれています。

高2では、模擬国連の校内版『Mini-Model UN Workshop』を今週行います。今年のテーマは、 Renewable Energy in Developing Nationsで、生徒達は1学期からこのトピックに対する理解を深め、自分の割り当てられた国について詳しく調べて準備をしてきました。メアリーとソフィアは、Dana Hall School で模擬国連の経験があり、国際学級の生徒達が最終的な準備整え、自信を持って臨めるよう指導やアドバイスをしてくれています。『Mini-Model UN Workshop』の当日、どのような展開になるのか楽しみです。

Mary and Sofia, graduates from our sister school in Boston, Dana Hall are helping 高1 and 高2 all week prepare for the Mini-Model UN Workshop. This year’s theme is: Renewable Energy in Developing Nations. The 高二F worked hard in first term to understand the topic and to complete research on their assigned countries. Mary and Sofia provide support and advice to the students so that they are prepared and confident for the Mini-Model UN Workshop.


クラブ 夏の活動報告⑥ ~剣道部・国際文化部~